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Conseils en solutions & logiciels CRM pour entreprise et PME - Blue note Systems

A CRM platform that enables you to conduct sales wherever you are

Our SaaS / Cloud-based CRM solution offers a highly dynamic user interface and enables you to stay in touch with your customers from any type of device (PC, tablet, smartphone).  Get instantly connected with your sales leads, contacts and accounts and keep strategic trade data at your disposal with our new generation apps. Share crucial data within your company from any device connected to the Internet.

A complete solution tailored to your activity

Our CRM solution provides a great deal of features, including: operational features, collaborative functionalities and analytical tools. In its standard version, our CRM solution addresses most of the needs of companies, which enables you to optimize your spending.

 It includes all the usual features of a CRM system (management of client companies, contacts, action management and history, shared calendar, web-based emailing system, etc.) but it also includes sales and marketing features (marketing campaign management, e-mailing, opportunity and deal management, etc.) as well as customer service features (client request follow-up, knowledge base and customer portal).

Our solutions are based on SugarCRM, to which we add our expertise and additional modules which can be generic or tailored to a specific line of business.

CRM Software

Our groundbreaking solution enables you to build a special relationship with each and every customer

As the world becomes increasingly competitive and connected, our CRM solution enables you to build unique relationships between actual individuals. Each user has access to all the details about their customers and benefits from the right information at the right moment.

Turn-key modules and trade features

The modular design of our CRM solution enables the sales and marketing teams to build customer relationships that are flexible, scalable and global.
In addition to the modules specifically tailored for a specific line of business, Blue note offers many CRM components and functionalities, including: Global positioning, Product catalogue, Sales management (quotes, orders, invoices, etc.), Service agreements, Statistics and Reporting in PDF format, Objectives follow-up, Business intelligence solutions, Decision-making tools, etc.
The implementation of our CRM solution is done progressively, as your needs change.

Trade-specific solutions

Integrate your other apps to your CRM solution thanks to our connectors

Our CRM solution can be integrated with external apps and social networks, enabling you to manage customer experience in real time. It enables you to have access to customer information you have gathered as well as information gathered through external apps and social networks.
We provide connectors to link your CRM solution to your online shop, your messaging app, your ERP application, and more.
Importing data collected through your former Salesforce application is easily done.
With over ten years of experience in CRM solutions, we provide many ready-to-use connectors and can develop specific ones to address your needs.

Main features of our CRM solution

Sales leads or commercial opportunities management
 Contacts and companies management
 Business management
 History of actions undertaken
 Quote management
 Objectives, reports and statistics
 Marketing automation
 Données personnelles et utilisateurs
Sales leads or commercial opportunities management
  • Multi-channel integration: online forms, chat, etc.
  • Identification of your website visitors
  • Validation of postal addresses and global positioning.
  • Lead scoring function.
  • Contact status tracking (sales lead, potential client, customer)
 Contacts and companies management
  • Centralization of your contacts into one unique database.
  • Grouping of companies belonging to the same group
  • Assignment of a specific advisor to a company/deal.
  • Flow chart of accounts.
  • Flow chart of the contacts linked to an account.
  • Validation of postal addresses and global positioning.
  • Additions to your legal and economic accounts: VAT number validation, link to
  • company directories (,, etc.)
  • Search for redundancies among the accounts and the contacts.
  • Tracking of economic events for each account.
 Business management
  • Commercial opportunity management by sales phase.
  • List of concluded deals and on-going ones.
  • History of documents linked to a deal - document types (PDF and other formats).
 History of actions undertaken
  • Centralization of customer details, potential customers and history of exchanges.
 Quote management
  • Products management
    • Product catalogue.
  • Quote management
    • Creation and modification of your business proposals.
    • Automatic creation and dispatch of quotes in PDF format
    • Digital signature of your quotes (feature enabling you to automatically send quotes to be digitally signed by email.  Documents are automatically archived after signature).
    • Multi-currency, multilingual, multi-agency and multi-company solution.
 Objectives, reports and statistics
  • Objectives management
    • Forecasts and objectives
  • Statistics and reporting
    • Module to create customized reports.
    • Activity-tracking dashboard that can be customized.
 Marketing automation
  • Qualification of the origin of a lead, a deal and an account.
  • Segmentation and multi-criteria targeting of your database.
  • Planning and execution of your multi-channel campaigns: email, sms, mail, ...
  • Custom reports on the results of your campaigns and surveys.
  • Cascading campaign system.
  • Geolocation
    Prospects and customer geolocation
  • Territory management
    Automated calculation of territory
 Données personnelles et utilisateurs
  • Management of personal data
    Tools and functions for personal data management and RGPD compliance :
    • Contact consent management.
    • Identification of personal data.
    • Anonymization function of personal data
    • Tools for managing the tasks to be carried out for the management of compliance with the RGPD.
  • Users and Teams
    • Homepage or dashboard can be customized by each user.
    • Access management.
    • Team management.
    • Multilingual solution.
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