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Business management solution

Our business management and customer relationship solution enables you to manage the whole sales cycle, from prospecting to invoicing.

We offer modular business management solutions that simplify processes and increase performance.  Particularly adapted to service providers, this solution complements our CRM system by improving administrative organization and processes. 

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Our business management solutions that simplify processes and increase performance.  Particularly adapted to service providers, this solution complements our CRM system by improving administrative organization and processes.

Sales management

Management solution for the entire invoicing process (quotes, orders, deliveries, invoices and credit notes).

Customer relationship management

Sales forces management solution from marketing to customer service.

Purchasing management and supplier relationship management

The main objective of our Supplier Relationship Management solution is to improve communication with the suppliers, to establish a common set of methods and to achieve savings.


The solution includes dashboards and built-in analysis reports for business and administrative tracking.

Main features of the Business Management solution



Product management
  • Multilingual product catalogue.
  • Product group, family and sub-family management.

Contacts and companies management

  • Centralization of your contacts into one unique database.
  • Grouping of companies belonging to the same group.
  • Flow chart of accounts and contacts.
Product management
  • Product catalogue.
Business proposal and quote management
  • Creation and modification of your business proposals.
  • Automatic creation and dispatch of quotes in PDF format.
  • Digital signature of quotes.
  • Multi-currency, multilingual, multi-agency and multi-company solution.
Order management
  • Customer order management.
  • Tracking of partially delivered, invoiced products and corresponding amounts.
Delivery management
  • Customer delivery and serial number management.
Gestions des factures
  • Invoice management.
  • Invoice and credit note management.
  • Invoice digitization with automatic dispatch of digitally signed invoices.
  • Subscription management with automatic billing of subscriptions.
Payment management
  • Payment and payment collection management
  • Payment tracking: Payment schedule and check remittance.
  • Export of direct debit in the SEPA format.
Reminder management
  • Multi-channel reminder system including mailing, emails with template letters and emails for each dunning level, automatic dispatch of reminders via emails.
Accounting integration
  • Integration with common accounting solutions on the market.
Purchasing Management
  • Purchasing management and supplier relationship management.
Inventory management
  • Inventory management and bill of materials.

Our solution also includes Inventory management features if needed.
Those features enable you to manage your inventory (physical stocks, book inventory balances, available stocks) and include a module for manual data entry.  Reports enable you to track and analyze your inventory.
The system includes a bill of materials that enables you to define which products are being managed in the inventory for a given item sold.

Mobile solution
  • Mobile application for smartphone iOS or Adnroid.
Openness and communication
  • Connectors that enable you to link your CRM solution to your Internet applications, your online shop or your bookkeeping.
Utilisateurs et équipes
  • Homepage or dashboard can be customized by each user.
  • Access management.
  • Team management.
  • Multilingual solution.
Statistics and reporting
  • Module to create customized reports.
  • Activity tracking dashboard that can be customized.
Compliance with rules and regulations
  • Our business management solution is compliant with the requirements of the French tax authorities regarding data unalterability, securing, conservation and archiving, as required by paragraph 3a of article 286 of the French tax code (see the general terms and conditions of sale for further details).

Blue note systems offers an enriched Business management solution made of a set of applications that address the most advanced management needs, including management applications for customer relationship, workflow processes, purchasing, marketing campaigns and decision-making dashboards.

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