Subscription and Recurring Billing management solution

Subscriptions and recurring billing management solution

A Subscription and Recurring Billing management solution that enables you to easily process customer contracts and optimize administrative tasks.

Our Contract/Subscription module provides you with a clear and instant view of your customer contracts by listing them all.  Our Subscription management module is associated with the quotes proposed to the customers and includes the automatic generation of recurring bills.

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The various views and the integrated search functionalities enable you to see the status of a customer or a subscription contract in real time.

Forecasting of deadlines

The automatic issuing of notifications depending on the status of an account enables you to fully track and monitor changes among your customer contracts.
Notifications to inform your customers that their contract is being automatically renewed can also be programmed.

Indexation calculation according to the Syntec index

The subscription reevaluation system includes a functionality to calculate the indexation according to a chosen basis and the correct index (Syntec index or other indexes).

Automatic billing - recurring billing

The automatic issuing of subscription invoices enables you to optimize administrative tasks related to customer contracts.
The recurring billing functionality enables you to charge a fixed or a variable amount (pro rata or based on the consumption) on a regular basis (for example every week, every month or year).  This billing functionality can be customized according to your business constraints.
Users define the subscription, the frequency, the starting date, the duration of the commitment and the number of deadlines once and the system generates and prints the invoices on a regular basis, which optimizes the processes.   
Reports allow the effective tracking and monitoring of customer accounts and billing.

Computation of the deferred income allocation

The system automatically calculates the allocation of deferred income for subscription bills for the chosen accounting period.
The amounts of the bills from the various accounting periods can then be used within statistical reports and be exported for accounting purposes.

When associated to the business management solution, the system includes the following features:

  • Product  management.
  • Product group, family and sub-family management.
  • Generation of precise quotes on the basis of a product catalogue containing the prices.
  • Customer order management.
  • Invoice management.
  • Subscription management with automatic billing of subscriptions.
  • Interface with the accounting software.
  • ...

Our package provides a complete solution for Customer Relationship  and Business Management. It enables you to identify the sources of customer satisfaction with a greater precision. The Sales module provides assistance to your sales team in the management of customer contracts, assessment and forecasting of sales. It also provides the means to manage the entire sales cycle including quotes, orders and billing. Our solutions are suitable for every line of business, regardless of the type of activity (commercial, industrial or services).

Our enhanced Business Management system provides a set of solutions that address the most advanced management needs, including management of customer relationship, workflow processes, sales, purchasing, marketing campaigns and decision-making dashboards.

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