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Conseils en solutions & logiciels CRM pour entreprise et PME - Blue note Systems

CRM solution for industry professionals

CRM and industry : a well-oiled piece of machinery !

Optimize your sales force and improve your customer relations !

We offer a CRM solution specifically designed for industrial business lines (agribusiness, packaging, metallurgy, plasturgy, glass products manufacturing, concrete industry, industrial equipment and more).

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The perfect computer tool for sales representatives, our CRM software increases the success of your sales force.
Our solution works in conjunction with your billing software and your CAPM software to increase efficiency and collaboration between departments.

It includes specific sets of configurations designed for industry professionals. From the get-go, you start your activity with tools tailored to your very needs.

CRM software for Industry professionals


Sales force automation

Our sales force management solution is a complete set of tools to conduct your commercial activities and monitor them.

It enables you to maximize business opportunities, to increase customer satisfaction, and to improve collaboration between suppliers and partners. The sales module helps your team manage the most important customer contacts and to calculate precise estimates.

Optimize resource allocation with sophisticated features to manage sales territories. Automate the allocation of accounts according to various criteria such as, for instance, sales territory, market size, line of business and more.

Our CRM solution enables teamwork to share information. Using it gives you a comprehensive view of your customers which in turn enables you to increase the efficiency of your company.

Activity analysis and monitoring

We offer an analysis and decision-making tool directly integrated in our CRM solution.
Analyze your data and create your own custom dashboard with dashboard creation tool.

Full integration with ERP/CAPM software

Our CRM solution comes with tools to integrate your ERP/CAPM software :

  • Export accounts, business contacts, estimates or sales orders easily.
  • Import billing data.

Main features

  • Prospecting for customers.
  • Managing commercial leads: automatic data capture, monitoring, conversion.
  • Managing customer contacts (unique database).
  • Managing sales territories.
  • Managing daily activity: phone calls, tasks to perform, emails, document archiving.
  • Route and tour planning optimization with our geolocation features.
  • Specific dashboard per activity.
  • Calculate precise estimates using a product catalogue with all your prices.
  • Process Automation: manage alerts and reminders, processes and processing.
  • Multi-channel marketing: emailing, direct mailing, SMS.
  • Mobile solution: access your data at any time via any mobile terminal (iPhone, Blackberry, Android).
  • Statistics: analyze your data and measure your results.
  • And more !
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