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CRM solution for competitiveness clusters

A solution that suits your environment !

Enhance your marketing operations, easily manage events and memberships !

We offer a CRM solution specifically tailored for competitiveness clusters that covers all their needs.

Our solution enables you to manage and promote your events with success. The solution includes functionalities to manage the registration of participants and the delivery of useful documents to them. Our system enables you to perform the follow-up of your projects, manage subscription fees and invoicing. It enhances the marketing and administrative efficiency of your cluster.

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Event management

The module enables you to manage and conduct events. Directly linked to the marketing campaign module, it enables you to send invitations and follow up on them. Documents linked to management are automatically generated, including subscription confirmations, list of subscribers or presence sheets .

Subscription management

Our tool facilitates subscription follow-up and reminders for subscription fees. It includes an automated system for subscription fees.

Activity analysis and management

We offer an analysis and decision-making tool directly integrated to your CRM solution. Analyze your data et build dashboards with our our entirely customable dashboard creation tool.

main features



Sales leads or commercial opportunities management
  • Multi-channel integration: online forms, chat, etc.
  • Validation of postal addresses and global positioning.
  • Tailored lead scoring solution.
  • Contact status follow-up (sales lead, potential client, customer)

Contacts and companies management

  • Centralization of your contacts into one unique database.
  • Grouping of companies belonging to the same group.
  • Validation of postal addresses and global positioning.
  • Additions to your legal and economic accounts: VAT number validation, link to company directories (,, etc.)
  • Search for redundancies in the accounts and the contacts.
  • Tracking of economic events for each account
Business management
  • Commercial opportunity management by sales phase.
  • List of done deals and on-going ones.
  • History of documents linked to a deal - document types (PDF and other formats).
Relationship management
  • Interconnection management and follow-up.
History of actions undertaken
  • Centralization of customer details, potential customers and history of exchanges.
Objective management
  • Forecasts and objectives.
Product management
  • Product catalogue.
Sales management
  • Creation and modification of your business proposals.
  • Automatic creation and dispatch of quotes in PDF format.
  • Our solution automatically sends the quotes to be signed digitally by email. Your documents are automatically archived in the CRM database after signature.
  • Order management and invoicing.
Subscription management
  • Integration with common accounting solutions on the market.
Marketing automation
  • Classification of the origins of sales leads, deals and accounts.
  • Segmentation and multi-criteria targeting of your database.
  • Multi-channel campaign planning and launching through emails, text messages and mailings.
  • Custom reports on the results of a campaign or a survey
  • Cascading campaigns system
Event management
  • Subscription management and follow-up
  • Dispatching of invitations
  • Event invoicing
Statistics and reporting
  • Module to create customized reports.
  • Activity tracking dashboard that can be customized.



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