Helpdesk solutions

Helpdesk software solution
Offer your customers quality service ! The Helpdesk software helps you offer customers quality service. It's a simple way for companies to support their customer using many sources such as email,...
Connector SugarCRM and Freshdesk
Interconnect Freshdesk with your CRM ! The connector between your CRM and Freshdesk is a way to interconnect the applications. With an integrated solution composed by your CRM solution and an...
Freshdesk solution : Take control of your customer service
Features and benefits of Freshdesk solution. Freshdesk solution allows you to improve your Customer Service Management, to better know your customer.  To learn more about this solution :...
Logiciel Freshdesk
Features of the various Freshdesk offers Below are the different Freshdesk offers, by theme: Basic functions, knowledge base, brand strategy, reports and statistics, integration and mobility.

What's new in CRM

  • CRM and Slack connector : step up your bubble !

    CRM and Slack connector

    Increase your agility with Slack and your CRM ! The connector between your CRM and Slack allows you to connect the applications in order to increase productivity and improve teams collaboration. ...
  • Subscription management software : Take it easy and relax !

    Subscriptions and recurring billing management solution

    A Subscription and Recurring Billing management solution that enables you to easily process customer contracts and optimize administrative tasks. Our Contract/Subscription module provides you with a...
  • CRM Geolocation

    CRM Geolocation module : maps, itineraries and geomarketing

    You are on the right way ! Blue note systems provides you with a module for the geolocation of customers’ accounts, contacts and leads registered in your CRM solution. The module works with Google...
  • Digital signature of quotes

    Digital signature of quotes and contracts

    Digital signature, and what if we'd go into high gear ? Sign faster and increase your sales with the digital signature of quotes and contracts ! The solution allows to send automatically by email...

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