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Features and benefits of Freshdesk solution.

Freshdesk solution allows you to improve your Customer Service Management, to better know your customer. 

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Logiciel Freshdesk

Main Freshdesk features

  • a graphic interface powerful and easy to use
  • a feature-rich functionality which covers all requirements and aspects related to Customer Service Management 
  • a solution that allows you to use different communication channels
  • a solution interconnected with many professional softwares
  • ...


Main features



Ticket management

Tickets management allows you to centralize all the exchanges with your customers. Your customers can use the different channels to contact you : email, phone, chat, internet. You can manage all the demands and exchanges related, from your Freshdesk solution. 

Self service portal Your customers can support themselves using a knowledge base that allows them to search a topic and find the answers linked. From this portal, customers can also create a new case or follow-up their tickets.
  • Knowledge base  
  • Community forum
  • Open and follow-up tickets
  • Live chat from the portal
  • Satisfaction surveys after a ticket or an event
SLA measurment
  • SLA Definition and Management.
Règles de gestion et automatismes
  • Automatic solution suggestion.
  • Automatic ticket assignment to agents or groups, automatic warnings.
  • Dashboards and pre-integrated analysis helps you follow-up agents actions, customers demands and needs.  


  • Freshdesk solution have many connectors to inter-connect with professional softwares. 
  • We offer a connector to make an andvanced interconnection with your CRM SugarCRM.



Created in 2010, Freshdesk is one of the most fast-growing company which is offering a Customer Service Management solution. To date, Freshdesk company, supported by Google Capital, raised more than $90 Millions. Freshdesk solution is used by more than 50000 customers all around the world. 
Freshdesk solution is made to meet users needs. The interface is easy-to-use and has a variety of features that improves the agent work and increases the Customer Service Management quality. 

Freshdesk benefits

Blue note systems support you from the analysis and the definition of the objectives phase, to the implementation, the training and the assistance. We help you to take the best of your Customer Service Solution. Furthermore,  we are developing connectors to inter-connect your Freshdesk solution with your CRM and Freshplugs (Freshdesk widgets) to customize your Freshdesk application. 

Comparative table of Freshdesk offers

Official certified Freshdesk partner, Blue note systems offers the different offers of the Freshdesk software: Details of offers by function

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