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Conseils en solutions & logiciels CRM pour entreprise et PME - Blue note Systems

Our quality charter

To ensure the delivery of high-quality services and full satisfaction of our customers, Blue note systems has established a Quality Charter.

The following is a list of the best practices we use in our pledge of excellence :

Delivering a service that suits our customer

  • We suggest and deliver the items or services that respond to the specific needs of our clients.
  • We clearly define current needs and foreseeable changes.

Assessing the scope of your project

  • We make sure the scope of your project is assessed with precision.
    We clearly determine what are the boundaries of your project and what should be excluded from it.

Keeping costs and deadlines under control

  • We clearly state our rates.
  • We clearly state recurring and non-recurring costs.

Being available

  • We guarantee a 24/7 access to your application outside of the monthly preventive maintenance and necessary downtimes for back-ups, batch processing and other technical requirements.
  • Our SLA guarantees 99.5% network availability.
  • We implement effective controls to make sure that our customers will be able to access our SaaS/Cloud solutions during the hours defined in our contract.


  • We guarantee the confidentiality of all the data pertaining to your company in the strictest professional secrecy.

Data backup des données

  • We perform backups of your data twice a day. These backups are then stored for several months. Furthermore, the critical data is saved on tape via our secure platform. Every week, these tapes are stored in a fire-proof safe specifically built for the preservation of sensitive digital data.

Technical support

  • Our technical support is available to you either by phone (+33 810 002 846), by email ( or on your Customer Area from Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  • We guarantee a response within 4 hours.

A sense of responsibility

  • We make sure your contract with us is perfectly carried out.
  • We make sure our deliverables are regularly validated by you.

Available resources

  • We state clearly what are our available resources for your project and the qualifications of our team members.
  • We state clearly what we will outsource.

Durability and portability of our solution or service

  • We clearly indicate to our customers what has been done to protect them against the disappearance of a provider or against a product being discontinued.

Intellectual property rights

  • We make a point of strictly abiding intellectual property and personal data protection rules.
  • We clearly indicate what intellectual property isn’t transferred to our clients and in general what is not owned by them.


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