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SugarCRM version 7.7: presentation of the new features

Version 7.7 of SugarCRM is now available !

This new LTS 7.7 version of SugarCRM offers new functionalities such as tag management.


It carries significant developments that complement version 7.6 in an accomplished and innovating manner.
The stable version was released on April 19 and is currently being tested by our team of experts.
The publisher will support this new version for at least 18 months (LTS, Long Time Support)

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Version 7.7 of SugarCRM includes the following additions :

  • A new tag management system enables users to attach tags to all the data contained by the system. This makes it possible to categorize, filter and target specific pieces of information according to the specific criteria of your company.
  • Optimization of the global search feature, which now includes the possibility to add and save filters and works in conjunction with the tag management feature.
    Possibility to see with a simple glance the number of times a request has been registered.
  • Improvement of the search on relative fields functionality, for example the contact account.
  • Possibility to group data by week in the reports.
  • Higher performance.
  • The knowledge base management module has been overhauled and now offers a new interface and new possibilities such as internationalization.

Global Search

SugarCRM fonction de recherche globale


Sugarcrm utilisation des tags

Main features of SugarCRM :

  • Sales force (SFA) and operational CRM management.
  • Multi-channel marketing.
  • Customer service.
  • Workflows and automation.
  • Reporting and dashboards.
  • Mobility.
  • ...
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