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Get GDPR compliant with an efficient CRM solution

Let your CRM solution be at the heart of your GDPR compliance implementation !

Blue note systems helps you get your company and your software solution GDPR compliant.

Blue note systems has a vast experience in data processing. This experience is reflected in our consulting and audit services and the options we offer, which help our customers meet both their business objectives and GDPR requirements concerning data processing.

Starting on May 25, 2018, the GDPR will apply to all the operators who in any manner collect personal data, whether this data concerns leads or customers details. This concerns companies, associations, administrative bodies, local bodies, and unions.

The GDPR replaces the various data privacy regulations across Europe by a single regulation to ensure the data protection of EU residents. It aims at increasing personal data protection by imposing restrictions on how personal data may be processed.  

The GDRP marks an important milestone concerning the rights to privacy, security and compliance. Compliance with this regulation requires significant investments in data management and in data protection for a large number of organizations and businesses. Companies must ensure that the personal data they keep on their systems must be processed and protected in compliance with the GDPR. As a consequence, many companies must either revise or modify the way they process data.

Our CRM solution provides you with a simple tool to process data and includes: lead qualification, opportunity follow-up, encryption scripts, yearly account plans and even customer journey mapping functionalities.

Using an efficient CRM solution constitutes a decisive competitive advantage and enables you to build better relationships with your customers.

Photo credit: © Yves Vallier / Biosphoto

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