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Features and services of the Freshsales solution

The Freshsale solution enables companies to optimize their commercial and marketing activities.

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Overview of the Freshsales solution

Logiciel Freshsales Freshsales features notably:
  • a graphical user interface that is simple and effective;
  • a wealth of functionalities that meet the main management needs of any sales department;
  • an advanced integration system with your website to manage leads and contacts;
  • management functionalities of all the communication channels: Phone and email functionalities are integrated; 
  • connectors to integrate the solution into many professional applications.


Freshsales - main features

The Freshsales solution provides the best management system for leads and customers and features activity history and notifications. A dynamic and customizable cartography of your business deals which enables you to better monitor sales opportunities until they are closed.

Logiciel Freshsales - cartographie des affaires
Features Description
Sales leads or commercial opportunities management
  • The leads management feature allows you to organize the monitoring of leads from their qualification to their transformation into a sales opportunity.
Leads scoring
  • Idenfication of the best leads
Activity management
  • Full, integrated activity management all in one screen:
    • Phone conversations.
    • Tasks and notes.
    • Email dispatch and reception
    • Notification of opened emails and of clicks.
Marketing campaign
  • Mass-emailing system.
Opportunity management
  • Cartography of your current deals to follow up opportunities and their progress in a simple and effective manner.
  • Pre-integrated dashboards and analysis reports available for the monitoring of your sales force and the analysis of customer requests and expectations.
  • The system features connectors with many professional applications.



Freshworks solutions


Created in 2010, Freshdesk - which became Freshworks in 2017 - is one of the fastest-growing companies offering CRM and customer support solutions. The company is supported by Google Capital and has raised nearly $90M to this day. The company's solutions are currently being used by over 50,000 customers around the world.
The Freshsales solution is designed to the meet the users' needs. Its user-friendly interface features a set of functionalities that enable you to improve the work performed by your sales force and customer follow-up.


Freshsales services

Blue note systems vous accompagne de la phase d'analyse et de définition des objectifs, jusqu'à la mise en œuvre de la solution, la formation, l'assistance et le support. Nous vous aidons en permanence à tirer le meilleur parti de votre solution de service client. Par ailleurs, nous développons et proposons des connecteurs pour intégrer votre application Freshsales avec vos autres logiciels et des Freshplugs (Widgets Freshsales) pour la personnalisation de votre application Freshsales.



Comparison of the various Freshsales offers


Basic SFA features

Leads management
Contacts and accounts management
Business deals and opportunities management
Activity management (tasks, meetings, notes)
Sales process management and customization
Email dispatch and reception
Simplified scoring system
Summary view of opportunities or sales  
Lead assignment rules  
Automatic enrichment of the profiles    

Emails management

Email dispatch and reception
Real-time email management  
Email and notification templates    
Mass-emailing system  
Email scheduling  

Integrated phone

Automatic enrichment of the profiles
Lead assignment rules  
Monitoring of events within the solution    
Monitoring of events on the website      
Advanced lead scoring



Intégration internet et analyse comportementale

Lead capture from the Internet      
Visitor monitoring from the website      
Monitoring of events occurring within the web-based application      

Reports and analysis

Basic reports
Advanced and customized reports    

Authorization and security management

Customizable user roles


API access  
Integration into Freshdesk
Integration into Google Agenda  


Mobile application for iOS and Android


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