The SugarCRM solution enables you to integrate the newest practices in your customer relationship strategy.

SugarCRM has many advantages to offer, including :

  • A powerful and user-friendly web GUI using web 2.0 technologies.
  • Feature-rich functionality that meets all the needs of customer relationship management including: sales force management, marketing automation (EMA), statistics and decision-making tools, customer service management.
  • Communication and interoperability solutions.
  • Tools to link your CRM with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and more.
  • Full compatibility with the main browsers on the market (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome).   
  • And more!


SugarCRM main features :

  • Company portfolio management and relationship management.
  • Customer contacts management and relationship management.
  • Commercial leads management.
  • Commercial activity management (client meetings, phone calls, tasks to perform and more).
  • Business opportunities and current business deals management.
  • Notes and attachments.
  • Correspondence management (emailing, direct mailing, fax and more).
  • Support tickets and customer issues management.
  • Marketing campaign management and emailing.
  • Target lists management.
  • Shared and non-shared calendar.
  • Dynamic PDF reporting.
  • Workflow management – process automation.
  • Advanced features for access rights management per team.
  • Dashboard and statistics tools.
  • Tools to link your CRM to social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and more).
  • Mobile application for smartphone (iPhone, Blackberry, Android) and for iPad.
  • And more!

In addition, travelling salesmen have access to a mobile desktop that includes calendars, management and monitoring of actions taken, tasks to perform and more.

Par ailleurs, les commerciaux distants peuvent bénéficier d’un bureau mobile avec agenda, gestion et suivi des actions réalisées et à réaliser, etc ...

Mobile SugarCRM solutions :

  • SugarCRM mobile: Mobile application for iPhone, Blackberry and Android.
  • SugarCRM mobile plus: Mobile application for iPad (Android tablet coming soon).

All your collaborators can, at any time, consult the shared knowledge database and add to it, increasing the efficiency of your company. In addition, information is more easily shared between your headquarters and distant sites as well as with travelling sales representatives.

SugarCRM is among the ten leading CRM solutions in the world (according to the analyst firm Gartner). The SugarCRM solution is available both in a commercial version and Open Source version. It is commonly used by small businesses, SMEs, large corporations and public organizations. Its commercial version is used by over 60,000 companies throughout the world and over 50,000 instances of the Open Source version have been installed.

Our added value

Blue note systems is an Official Contributor of SugarCRM and an expert member of the SugarForce OpenSource community since 2005. We offer a full range of CRM services. An official partner of SugarCRm, Blue note systems provides security and experience.
We provide you support throughout the entire implementation of your CRM project, from the analysis of your needs to defining your objectives as well as training your staff. We are here to help you make the best out of your CRM solution.

We also offer various CRM modules designed for specific lines of business as well as high-quality cloud hosting services.
To learn more about our modules and CRM features please click here : CRM modules and features.


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Find your training

  • Formation SugarCRM

    Maîtriser les bases du logiciel SugarCRM
    Étudier la mise en place de processus
    Augmenter vos chances de succès
  • Formation SugarCRM avancée

    Maîtrisez le logiciel SugarCRM
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