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CRM Solutions

A CRM solution tailored to your needs !

Customer Relationship management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a strategy by which a company aims at understanding, anticipating and managing the needs of current and potential customers. It is based on the use of a piece of software to manage the monitoring of prospects, to increase customer loyalty and to maximize the results of your company.

Offre CRM

CRM solutions

Our solutions are based on the SugarCRM software, to which we add our expertise and standard complementary modules as well as specifically designed modules for each line of business. We provide you with a full CRM solution that includes: Sales force management (SFA), Marketing automation (EMA), reporting tools and customer service management.   
The functional coverage of our CRM solution is broad and ranges from operational to collaborative and analytical features.  
The standard version meets most of the needs of companies, thus saving you money.

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CRM Solutions tailored for specific lines of business and services

We provide CRM and company management solutions tailored to the needs of every line of business. As they are modular, they can easily be customized to respond to the specific needs of a particular line of business or service. Our trade-based solutions rely on a thorough knowledge of the requirements of your business. Our timely, responsive expertise and our vast experience of customer relationship issues provide you with extra added value.

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CRM Prestations

As CRM specialists, expert members and official partners of SugarCRM, we use our technical and functional expertise to provide you with a full range of services, including: assessment, consultancy, development, training, assistance and support.

CRM Services

Our service offering combines our CRM expertise with hosting services. Provided as a service, our hosting solution is available 24/7. It frees you from the tasks linked to software maintenance and guarantees speed, security and the highest level of availability.


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