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Training management software

Training management software for Training centers.

Manage and plan your training sessions with this module designed specifically for training centers.

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Training management software details for training centers

Presentation of Training management solution

The training management modules enable you to gather useful data and to centralize all the data related to training programs. The solution includes functionalities to manage the registration of participants and the delivery  of useful documents to them.  It also includes tools to manage the schedule of the training sessions and the resources to be used.  It is integrated into the marketing and business management functionalities and offers a fully comprehensive solution.  It enables your company to increase the quality of service and have better offerings.


Management tools for training centers and training providers

The training session modules provide tools to manage logistics and administration.
Each session is designed as a full training course where all the aspects are covered, including: scheduling of speakers, registration of participants, validation of the funding. Directly linked to the quote given to the end customer, the module provides the means to edit the training contract, the registration of participants, the list of registered participants, presence sheets and training attestations.

Main features of the training management modules



Scheduling and tracking of training sessions

  • Session management.
  • Progress tracking (under construction, programmed, completed, close or cancelled).
  • Edition of training contracts (collective or individual training), tripartite agreements, registration confirmation, lists of participants and their badges or tags, presence sheets and training attestations.
  • Dates and deadlines management.
  • Pedagogic and financial assessment.
Event dates and instructor management
  • Training schedule management
  • Instructor schedule management

Registration and participant follow-up

  • Registration progress management (pending, confirmed, cancelled, discontinued).
  • Participant status management (employee, job seeker, individual, other).
Online registration
  • Training catalogue.
  • Participant registration.
  • Validation process.
Delivery of convocations
  • Automatic delivery of convocations to a training session by email or text message 48 or 72 hours prior to the session.
Statistics and analysis tools Built-in dashboards and analysis tools available for the follow-up of training sessions :
  • The solution also includes a statistics engine which can produce tailored reports.
  • Forward planning of spending and proceeds related to a training session.
  • Financial report and computation of the profitability for each session or type of training.
  • Event dashboards, charts per category of participants and line of business.
Customer portal

The training catalogue you set up in Blue note's Training management module can be exported to your website via a connector which allows online publication.
A customer portal can also be set up, allowing your customers and/or partners to check their training status.


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