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What is SFA ?

SFA means Sales Force Automation : sales force management. It is a sub-CRM.

The sales force management is designed to automate the sales cycle :

  • Entering plans and forecasts; action plans and personalized dissemination to commercial.
  • Management of business - from opportunity to order.
  • Monitoring client activity and description of your actions and realize, recording the minutes of meetings, requests about customers or products, alerting and recovery, business planning management.
  • Sales analysis and the statistical form of dashboards in particular.


By replacing the selling process by exchanging electronic formalized management sales force productivity saves. For example, following a campaign e-mail, targeted, then the software will handle returns to the campaign and will distribute them to the appropriate people according to their content, while recording the essential information in a database.

In addition, ACS provides solutions to better identify drivers of customer satisfaction and enable the implementation of corrective actions.

The CRM solutions, when implemented effectively, ensuring not only streamlining the process but also the availability and centralization of all customer information for better service.

The Customer Relationship Management is not limited to the use of a CRM software but implies a shift in corporate culture as part of a project to implement a CRM strategy.

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