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What is CRM ?

CRM means Customer Relationship Management

The relationship management is a strategy whereby the company aims to understand, anticipate and manage the needs of its customers and prospects.
Managing customer relationships is based on the principle that it is easier and more profitable to retain customer  than finding new customers - The cost of acquiring a new customer is about 5 times the money invested to maintain oldest.

The goal od a CRM is to let each sector of the company  access  the information  to improve customer knowledge and to provide products or services that best meet their expectations.

CRM is a response to three business issues:

CRM is a response to three business issues :

  • Increase customer loyalty :  listen to the client to offer better services, more personalized.
  • The multi-channel integration : Integrate customer datas through different modes: commercial, retail outlets, catalogs, direct mail, telemarketing, web, ...
  • Increase productivity (reducing costs) : Automating the various services (VAS, sales,  order management, ...) and optimize marketing spending by improving the target.
More simply, we can also say that the Customer Relationship Management helps attract more customers , retain the best customers and increase revenue generated per customer.

The CRM, when implemented effectively, ensures not only to streamline the process but also gives access  and centralize  all customer information for a better customer service.

The Customer Relationship Management is not limited to the use of a CRM software but implies a change in the culture of the company when starting a CRM projet..

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