SugarCRM Training in Strasbourg

Blue note systems offers training formuls for single-enterprise (dedicated to your company) and multi-entreprise on CRM and SugarCRM.

Blue note systems is a SugarCRM certified partner and offers a complete catalog of training on SugarCRM and CRM.
Bellow you can find the next sessions, hold in Strasbourg, planned on the topic SugarCRM.

Training on SugarCRM

Multi-entreprise session in Strasbourg, 19, rue icare 67960 Strasbourg Entzheim., in-person. 

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Complete Catalog of CRM and SugarCRM


  • Master SugarCRM as a Customer Relationship Management software basis.
  • Discover the functionnalities of SugarCRM solution.
  • Study the implementation of a commercial process for customer prospection.
  • Stenghthening the personnal efficiency in Customer relationship management  nforcer l'efficacité personnelle en gestion de la relation client avec l'acquisition de nouvelles compétences.
  • Increase the chances for successful implementation of a CRM solution by preparing the project.


  • Introduction :
    • CRM presentation : Customer Relationship management.
    • Discover the interface, use SugarCRM.
    • Dashboard and contextual panels customization. 
    • Basic modules use : leads, accounts et contacts.
  • Business Process Management
    • Prospection managment.
    • Leads conversion.
    • Management and monitoring of opportunities.
  • Manage the collaborative functions
    • Activities : calls, meetings, tasks, ...
    • Calendar and shared agendas.
    • Emails management.
    • Notes and shared documents.
    • Social networks and google connectors.
  • Marketing campaigns
    • Manage marketing & email campaigns
    • Manage your suspects and prospects lists.
    • GManage your multi chanel campaings.
  • Customer support and loyalty
    • Manage customer support tickets.
    • Manage customer contracts.
    • Notion of customer portal.
  • Analysis and rapporting
    • Statistics
    • Reports and customizable charts.
  • Mobile application

Organisation et durée de la formation

  • On-person, multi-enterprise, 4 to 8 persons
  • 1 person by workstation
  • 1 paper base for each person
  • 2 days, 7hours a day

Formation SugarCRM

Calendrier des prochaines formations SugarCRM à Strasbourg

  • October 19th and 20th 2017
  • November 23th and 24th 2017
  • December 18rd and 19th 2017


Single-enterperise trainings are organized, on-person or online : after your needs analysis and brainstroming we suggest a customized training program.
* We are a certified training organisation.
* These training are realized by SugarCRM certified instructors.
* You can use your Personnal Training Credit (CPF) to finance this training.

* Blue note systems offer generic and vertical software components (functions and modules).


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