SugarCRM Training in Strasbourg - 2nd trimester 2017

Blue note systems offers training formuls for single-enterprise (dedicated to your company) and multi-entreprise on CRM and SugarCRM.

Blue note systems is a SugarCRM certified partner and offers a complete catalog of training on SugarCRM and CRM.
Bellow you can find the next sessions for the second semester of 2016, hold in Strasbourg, planned on the topic SugarCRM.

Formation SugarCRM

Training on SugarCRM

Multi-entreprise session in Strasbourg, in-person, for the second semester of 2016.

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Complete catalog of CRM and SugarCRM trainings


  • Master SugarCRM as a Customer Relationship Management software basis.
  • Discover the functionnalities of SugarCRM solution. 
  • Study the implementation of a commercial process for customer prospection.
  • Stenghthening the personnal efficiency in Customer relationship management  nforcer l'efficacité personnelle en gestion de la relation client avec l'acquisition de nouvelles compétences.
  • Increase the chances for successful implementation of a CRM solution by preparing the project.


  • Introduction :
    • CRM presentation : Customer Relationship management.
    • Discover the interface, use SugarCRM.
    • Dashboard and contextual panels customization. 
    • Basic modules use : leads, accounts et contacts.
  • Business Process Management
    • Prospection managment.
    • Leads conversion.
    • Management and monitoring of opportunities.
  • Manage the collaborative functions
    • Activities : calls, meetings, tasks, ...
    • Calendar and shared agendas.
    • Emails management.
    • Notes and shared documents.
    • Social networks and google connectors.
  • Marketing campaigns
    • Manage marketing & email campaigns
    • Manage your suspects and prospects lists.
    • GManage your multi chanel campaings.
  • Customer support and loyalty
    • Manage customer support tickets.
    • Manage customer contracts.
    • Notion of customer portal.
  • Analysis and rapporting
    • Statistics
    • Reports and customizable charts.
  • Mobile application

Organization and training duration

  • On-person, multi-enterprise, 4 to 8 persons
  • 1 person by workstation
  • 1 paper base for each person
  • 2 days, 7hours a day


Agenda of SugarCRM training in Strasbourg for the second semester of 2016

SugarCRM Training
  • April 20th and 21th 2017
  • May 18th and 19th 2017
  • June 22rd and 23th 2017
Single-enterperise trainings are organized, on-person or online : after your needs analysis and brainstroming we suggest a customized training program.
* We are a certified training organisation.
* These training are realized by SugarCRM certified instructors.
* You can use your Personnal Training Credit (CPF) to finance this training.

* Blue note systems offer generic and vertical software components (functions and modules).


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