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Sales leads

Manage your sales leads and optimize your marketing campaigns

Pistes commerciales ou leadsThe module enables you to organize the processing of sales leads from their identification to their conversion in commercial opportunities.

This CRM module works as a control center for the management and the follow-up of campaigns on all the channels. Its statistical tools provide useful information to manage your investments in publicity and anticipate the impact of your marketing campaigns.

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Identification of sales leads

This feature automatically integrates to the CRM solution the information that a visitor on your site submits in a form. This form can be for contact details or to download a white paper, for instance.  When a contact form is validated, and if no redundancy has been detected, a new sales lead is automatically created.

Our CRM solution includes a global positioning feature of IPs which, making it possible to determine the type of user and their location during the creation of the sales lead.
In addition, the system has the ability to detect the origin of the lead on the Internet in detail.  It is for instance possible to detect the precise origin of a lead, which search engine was used, whether it was a classic search or ads such as google adwords.

 The advantage of this solution is that it automatically consolidates in the CRM database all the data collected through forms on your website.

Automatic enrichment of company details

Our solution includes an automatic enrichment feature of the data collected on companies (Siren number, NAF code, capital, Twitter account, LinkedIn page, etc.). This feature uses the company domain name to gather extra data.

Lead scoring system

This module enables you to define your own scoring criteria through the use of a dynamic and multi-criteria feature. The lead scores are then automatically computed. Filters can be applied directly from the user interface and lead scores visually monitored in the form of charts.

Qualification,  validation, conversion of the leads

Our solution enables you to organize the whole processing of sales leads, from the qualification of the leads to their conversion into opportunities or business deals.
It makes it very easy to track leads by status and level of qualification. It is possible to segment the leads according to several criteria and optimize prospecting and reminders.

Marketing and sales leads

With our CRM application, you can carry your marketing activities with great ease.   This CRM application  works as a control center for the management and the follow-up of campaigns on all the channels. Its statistical tools provide useful information to manage your investments in publicity and anticipate the impact of your marketing campaigns on your company.

Sales leads functionalities

  • Integration with your website to import sales leads from contact forms.
  • Integration of the CRM solution with the decentralized messaging application to automatically create leads from emails.
  • Automatic allocation of leads according to predefined criteria, including line of business or geographic location for instance.
  • Qualification and validation of leads taking in account your qualification process.
  • Conversion of leads into sales opportunities. Leads can be converted into business deals or opportunities and contacts or companies (in the case of B2B) can be automatically added to the database.
  • Multi-criteria and geographic analysis of commercial leads and of their conversion rate.

Fonctionnalités liées aux pistes commerciales

 Création et capture
 Analyse et pilotage
 Création et capture
  • Intégration avec votre site Internet pour la capture de pistes commerciales à partir du formulaire de contact.
  • Intégration du CRM avec la messagerie décentralisée  pour la création automatique de piste à partir d'un courriel par exemple.
  • Affectation automatique des pistes selon des paramètres pré-définis : secteurs d'activités ou secteurs géographique par exemple.
  • Qualification, validation des pistes : prise en compte de votre processus de qualification à l'aide de workflows.
  • Scoring de leads.
  • Conversion des pistes en opportunités de vente.
    Le logiciel CRM permet de convertir une piste en affaire ou opportunité avec la possibilité de créer automatiquement le contact et éventuellement l'entreprise dans le cas d'un processus BtoB.
 Analyse et pilotage
  • Analyse multi-critères et géographique des pistes commerciales et de leurs conversions.
  • Tableau de bord de suivi

Tableau de bord leads ou pistes commerciales - aperçu

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