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Invoices dematerialization

Automatic and electronic delivery of invoices : Blue note systems pulls up your sales !

Reduce your costs and simplify your processes with invoices automation and dematerialization.

The solution allows to deliver automatically by email, your invoices, signed electronically.

Your PDF invoices can also be shared on your customer portal.

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Dematerialization benefits

By delivering your invoices within electronical format, you're earning the following benefits :

  • Immediate costs savings : paper, stamps and printing supplies savings, no more paper storage costs.
  • Process efficiency increased : productivity earnings  within the automation of low-valued tasks throughout the process.
  • Fasters payments : payment cycles reduction, decrease of the invoices processing times.
  • Status monitoring of each invoice : Betterment of traceability and of the dependability of the exchanged documents by deleting the manual tasks.
  • Environmental care : reduction of the paper use which is a significant ecological benefit
  • Opportunity for transacting worldwide.
The delivery programm of invoices electronically signed complies with standards and deals with the requirements of the Section 289-V of the General French Tax Code.

Automatic delivery of invoices

The solution of invoices automatic delivery by mail is totally integrated to the business management software.

As soon as it's validated, the invoice is automatically sent to the customers who agreed the email reception.
The email sent is stored in the customer file.

The PDF invoice, electronically signed, can also be transfered to your customer portal, so that your clients can download them.

Electronical signature and invoices timestamp

The electronic signature of the PDF invoice allows to warrant the identity of the signatory. At the same time,  the electronic timestamp allows to warrant the file integrity and to add to the file an hour and a date trustworthy and legally admissible. Both functionalities are included in the dematerialization so that the can be useful as a tax receipt.

Furthermore, every dematerialized invoice must be preceded by an agreement between sender and receiver.

Blue note systems proposes also the dematerialization of PDF files and the electronic signatures for contracts or others documents directly from the CRM application.
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