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Events management software

Organize and drive your events in a dedicated module !

The solution helps you to succeed both the management and the promotion of your events. It includes enrollment management and useful documents transmission. The tool can also manage an events schedule and resources. Thereby the company can increase the service quality and can offer better services to its customers.

Logiciel de gestion des événements

Drive and plan your events in an especially dedicated module....

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Events management

The module allows to organize and drive the events. Directly linked to the « Marketing campaign » module, it  permits send and track invitations. The management documents are automatically generated :  confirmation of registration, list of guests and participants' records.

Key features of Event Management



Events organisation and monitoring

  • Events management.
  • Monitoring progress (construction, scheduled, completed, closed, canceled).
  • Sending invitations via the « Campaign  module ».
  • Documents editing : confirmation of registration, list of guests and participants' records.
  • Management tasks and deadlines related.

Sending invitations

  • Sending invitations by email, direct mail and/or SMS.
  • Campaign monitoring.
Tracking invitations
  • Monitoring progress of the inscriptions  (pending, confirmed, canceled, suspended).
Business management
  • Specification writing.
  • Order entry and registrations.
  • Invoice entry and delivery.
  • Customer relationship management.
Online registrations
  • Consultation events.
  • Registration of participants.
  • Validation process.
Supplier management
  • Price quote.
  • Purchase orders.

Analysis and Statistics

  • Forecast management of expenditure and revenue.
  • Financial report and return on investment.
  • Dashboards by events, graphics by category of participants and by trades.


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