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Digital signature of quotes and contracts

Digital signature, and what if we'd go into high gear ?

Digital signature of documentsSign faster and increase your sales with the digital signature of quotes and contracts !

The solution allows to send automatically by email your quotes ready to be digitally signed.
Your documents are automatically archived in the CRM after signature.

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Benefits of the digital signature of documents

By opting for the digital signature of quotes, contracts and debit authorization, you'll' get the following benefits :

  • Signature made faster : your documents (quotes, contracts, debit authorization, certificates of attendance,...) are signed in a few minutes by all parties.
  • Increasing of sales :  the digital signature users notice in average, a 30% increasing of the number of signed quotes.
  • Process made easier : no need to print, no need to sign manually, neither to scan documents
  • Exchange security :  the digital signature is legally recognized and has the same legal value than a manual signature. We warranty a secure access to your documents and all communications on the CRM are encrypted.
  • Immediate reduction of the costs : paper and printing supplies savings, elimination of the paper storage costs ...
  • Enhanced process efficiency: productivity gains linked to the automation of low added value tasks throughout the process.
  • Status monitoring for every document : betterment of the traceability and the reliability of the documents exchanged thanks to the elimination of manual tasks
  • Environmental respect: reduction of the paper use which has a significant environmental impact.
  • Opportunity of making transactions worldwide.
The solution of digital signature of documents respects the legal . It allows to get a solution of digital signature of Writings as provided by Article 1316-4 of the Civil Code.

Operating principles of digital signature of quotes

  • 1. Create your quote, verify the PDF document generated.
  • 2. Add the PDF documents annexe if necessary.
  • 3. Send the PDF documents to sign, by email, by checking the digital signature option.
  • 4. The signatory receives your email with a link to access the consultation and signature form.
    PDF documents can be joined to the email.
    During the consultation of the documents, he will also receive a code by SMS in order to secure the signature.
    He will have the possibility to draw or to upload a picture of his signature.
    Finally, he will be able to download the signed document.
  • 5. The commercial receives an email or a SMS to inform him of the document signature.
  • 6. The PDF documents signed are automatically archived in the CRM.
Infographie processus CRM de signature électronique de devis

Sending made easier of quotes and documents to signr

From the CRM software, you can easily send a document to sign like a quote, a contract, a debit authorization, a certificate of attendance.
As soon as it is signed, you receive an alert and the PDF documents signed are automatically archived in the CRM.

Digital signature and timestamp of the documents

The digital signature of documents consist in collecting informations that allow to identify the signatory, by collecting a maximum of proofs elements which may be used if appropriate.

The collected informations, showing, are generally the following :

  • First name and last name of the signer
  • Handwritten signature drawn with the mouse during the digital signature phase
  • Identity verification by SMS
  • IP address and other informations of Internet connection

The digital signature of PDF document, ensures the identity of the signer. The digital timestamp consists in guaranteeing the file integrity and in afixing an hour and a reliable date being legally faith.  The two functions are included in the digital signature of documents in order to be legally applicable.


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