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CRM Workflow: process automation

Increase your productivity through the automation of operational processes !

Our module for the digital management of processes and alerts (Workflows) enable you to manage your operational processes and increase your productivity.

Automation of operational processes is achieved through the creation of "Workflows" that take in account your company's policy, tasks to perform and notifications and messages to send. The advantage of this system is that it guarantees that the correct information is sent to the right person at the right time and helps participants identify where they stand in a particular process.

It enables you to define and enforce specific rules, policies and procedures that will be applied automatically.
For example, you can set the system so that service requests that have not been answered in time will prompt an alert or so that your sales force are notified in case of a major event.  Incoming sales leads-for example the leads imported from the contact froms on your website- can be automatically attributed to your sales force and a telephone call can be automatically planned.

Our module for the digital management of processes and alerts (Workflows) gives you the means to :


  • Define a company policy based on good practices and processes.
  • Guarantee that commitments made to your customers are complied with.
  • Automatically prompt notifications in case of problems or requests.
  • Optimize your sales management processes.
  • Distribute the workload among your teams and agencies.
  • Guarantee service process compliance.
  • Monitor the main processes and policies of your activity.

Process sample

For example, our solution lets you create a process that includes a scoring of the new leads, automatically assigns these leads to your sales representatives and notifies them.

Process sample


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