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Conseils en solutions & logiciels CRM pour entreprise et PME - Blue note Systems

CRM Marketing : emailing, mail merge, sms, phoning, ...

Multi channel campaigns  : the right message to the right recipient !

Mass-marketing campaigns management makes it possible to automate marketing, be it emailing, telephone selling, telemarketing, telesales. Blue note system is your one-stop shop for a complete solution to manage your emailing, SMS, MMS, direct mailing and fax campaigns.

We offers a large solution for your e mail campaigns, SMS, MMS, mail, ...

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We provide you with a complete, multi-channel, operational marketing solution. Our solution enables you to analyze your customer base as well as your prospects in order to redefine your targets according to multi-criteria search requests.

Emailing et newsletters

Our platform includes a toolbox that enables you to implement your email marketing campaigns on your own. Our offer includes a professional routing service that improves the deliverability of your campaigns by preventing you from getting blacklisted or blocked by anti-spam software.
You monitor your results on every level, including: what message has been opened and read, what links have been clicked, how many calls have been made, how many meetings have been organized and how much business your campaign has generated. With one single powerful and simple tool, you increase the efficiency of your marketing teams and your sales teams.

Direct mailing

Our direct mailing module enables you to send a form letter to selected recipients of a marketing campaign. It is possible to include merge fields in the letter. A PDF document is automatically generated once the fields are filled in. This document contains as many pages as there are recipients for the campaign and the fields (first name, last name and so on) are replaced by the corresponding value.


Blue note systems is your one-stop shop for complete, simple, effective solutions to build long-term relationships with existing and potential customers as well as with your partners and collaborators. We help you to create and manage relevant, customized, targeted campaigns on various channels including emails, direct mail, SMS text messages, telemarketing, Internet, Fax and so on.

Our solution enables you to build a customer relationship with a positive marketing approach. We provide you with all the necessary tools including: database management, implementation of multi-channel campaigns, analysis and reporting.
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