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Training management software solution and LMS connector

Make your LMS and your Training Management Solution work together !

The connector between the Training Management Solution and your LMS allows you to link their applications. With a system integrating both the Training Management Solution and the LSM, the training process can be maximized.

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The Training Management Solution and LMS connector allows you to automatically create new learners within the LMS from the Training Management Solution.

You can also automatically associate the learners to various groups in the LMS.

CRM and LMS connector


Principales fonctions du connecteur LMS

Fonctionnalités Description
Creation of trainees in the LMS
  • Automatic registration in the LMS of the trainees in a particular training session.
Linking of the trainees to a group
  • Automatic addition of the trainees in a particular training session to a group in the LMS.
Synchronization of training time periods
  • Possibility to synchronize the training time periods already attended by a trainee between the LMS and the Training Management Solution


Advantages of linking your Training Management Solution and your LMS

By linking your Blue Note Training and LMS applications, you benefit from the following advantages :

  • Data centralization : With our CRM solution, all the information needed to make decisions and receive alerts is at your disposal.
    Your sales representatives, marketing department, training management department and sales administration department have direct access to your customers' data and can analyse this data.
  • Optimization of training organization: the data is entered only once and transmitted to the LMS application.
    This connector allows you to enhance the quality of handling of training data.
  • Enhanced customer service: productivity gains linked to automatic synchornisation.
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