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CRM and Slack connector

Increase your agility with Slack and your CRM !

CRM and Slack connector : step up your bubble !The connector between your CRM and Slack allows you to connect the applications in order to increase productivity and improve teams collaboration. 
Slack is a powerful chat tool, dedicated to the companies. It allows you to chat with all your team and is easy-to-use. 

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Our CRM / Slack connector allows you to add notifications in Slack from your CRM Solution. These notifications can be generated based on activities or commercial events (quote generated, opportunity won...).

Main Features of Slack connector



Activities in a stream
  • Automatically add notifications based on activities in a stream  (Calls, Meetings, Tasks).
Notifications based on opportunities
  • Automatically add notifications based on opportunities in order to facilitating follow-up and partnership. 
Custom notifications
  • Automatically add notifications using workflow following actions or events.

Benefits of the Slack / CRM integration

Connecting your CRM and Slack gives you the following advantages :
  • Improve teams collaboration : Your CRM solution gives you all the business, marketing and collaborative informations. These informations can be shared to improve teams collaboration. The different units can share informations contained in your CRM solution and chat about. 
  • Customer Relationship Management optimization : productivity gain due to synchronization automation. 

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