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Lead scoring system

Improve your commercial approach with an automatic scoring system !

Lead scoring system CRMLead scoring enables you to define a customized and automatic scoring system to optimize the processing of leads and potential customers.

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Overview of the scoring tool

The scoring system displays an easily readable chart of the various scores of your leads and prospects.

Defining the parameters for the scoring of your leads and prospects or even of your current customers and business deals is very useful to allocate priorities to your commercial action and marketing campaigns.
The scoring system also helps to reinforce the cooperation between your sales force and your marketing team, as the definition of common criteria for the scoring makes it possible for your teams to pursue common goals. The definition of scoring criteria enables you to improve your sales process.

A dynamic and multi-criteria configuration feature lets you create your own scoring system. The scores are then automatically calculated.

A search and a display feature are available to facilitate the follow-up on leads and prospects.

Liste de leads avec scoring

Main features



  • Dynamic and multi-criteria configuration module.
  • Multiple scoring models available.
  • Monitoring of the score of each lead, prospect, client and other trade modules (candidates, etc.)
Automatic computing of the scores
  • The automatic computing of the scores is based on clear criteria such as the post or role of the contact, the size or staff headcount of the company, its capital, line of business, the type of products or services desired and the budget estimate for the project.
  • The system also takes in account certain activity or behavior criteria such as the number of forms the contact as filled in, the number of emails read, the number of links clicked and the time passed since the last exchange.
    • External application data are integrated to centralize lead data and scores.
    Monitoring of scores
    • Search feature.
    • Monitoring charts of scores.
    • Reports and statictics are available for global monitoring.


    By choosing the scoring system, you benefit from the following :

    • Improvement of your sales process: with Blue note's Scoring tool, you improve your productivity by focusing on the most promising leads and prospects.
    • The cooperation between your sales force and your marketing team is reinforced.
    • Data and statistics are centralized: with our CRM solution, all the necessary data to target your leads and prospects and manage customer relationship are in your hands.

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