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CRM and Aircall connector

Increase efficiency integrating the CTI solution, Aircall!

CRM and Aircall connector - CTIThe connector between the CRM and Aircall (Cloud telephony solution) allows to manage outbounds and inbounds calls directly from the CRM. 

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Aircall integration presentation

Our CRM / Aircall integration allows you to directly manage your outbound and inbound calls from the CRM. 
You can call a contact just clicking on the phone number, on the contact's sheet. 
Your inbound calls are automatically created on the CRM and linked to the lead or the contact. 

Main features of the Aircall connector 



Outbound Calls
  • A link is displayed from the prospect list or in the contacts or leads to enable "Click To Call", call in one and single click
Inbound calls
  • Activities automatically created (canceled or ended calls), from the call. If you don't reach the call, a call marked "canceled" is created. 
    If you reached the call, a called marked "held" is created when the call is over. 
    You can easily find the generated calls using your CRM stream to add report or call back your contact if your don't reached the call. 
  • The auto generated calls allows you to access statistics for inbound and outbound calls. 

Preview - CRM and Aircall connector

Benefits of the CRM / Aircall integration

Connecting your CRM with your Aircall account means you benefit from the following advantages :
  • Prospection optimization : With the CRM solution, you can access all the information to do your prospection actions while using the cloud telephony solution, Aircall. You can easily call your contact, just clicking on the phone number displayed on the form. 
    The CRM solution has a check function to verify the phone number indicated (international prefix).
  • Sales service improvement : productivity gain due to automation
  • Centralized information and statistics : With the CRM solution, you have all information to take decisions and plan alerts. Anytime, you can know the last contact date and search on these criterias. 

We are proposing Aircall integration for SugarCRM and Freshdesk.

Credits : © Luis Casiano / Biosphoto

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