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We provide CRM solutions that are tailored to the needs of each company. For each customer, we redefine and customize our approach according to their requirements. Blue note systems is a true one-stop-shop provider offering services that cover all the phases of your CRM project.

Our comprehensive services

CRM services features

The best CRM solutions come with robust service options, hence the reason why we offer  comprehensive services :

  • We assess your needs and requirements.
  • We analyze your objectives and discuss them with you.
  • We implement and configure your CRM solution.
  • We build your customer database.
  • We customize, personalize and develop components tailored for you.
  • We provide training, assistance and support.
  • We provide hosting and SaaS (Software as a Services) / Cloud CRM solutions.


Our tried-and-true practices

We offer a flexible management approach for the implementation of your CRM project that is user-based to facilitate the transition. We provide you support throughout the entire implementation of your CRM project, from the assessment of your needs to defining your objectives as well as training your staff.
We are here to help you make the best out of your CRM solution.

We conduct our business according to a set of good practices :

  • Getting a precise idea of your needs.
  • Establishing your project communication plan.
  • Approaching risk management and issue tracking pragmatically.
  • Validating each deliverable with you.
  • Monitoring the quality of our software.
  • Providing documentation and reporting


Relationship management, a strategic issue

A CRM solution that is efficiently implemented does not only ensure the streamlining of your workflow but also the centralization of all your customer data and easy access to it.
Keep in mind that customers are increasingly well-informed and demanding.
Implementing a CRM solution enables you to respond more efficiently to these ever-increasing demands and gives you a competitive edge.
However, implementing a CRM solution does not simply mean using a piece of software. It also implies a change in the corporate culture of your company within the framework of a CRM strategy we help you define.

Our CRM & SugarCRM expertise

As an official SugarCRM partner, we have developed a high-quality CRM expertise that enables us to respond to any type of need, regardless of the size of your organization.  
Indeed, we provide complementary modules according to your trade or line of business, be it a public service, a corporate service, auditing and consultancy, training, retailing and trading activities, haulage and so forth.

Customized approach

We provide CRM solutions that are tailored to the needs of our customers. For each client, we define a new, fully customized approach.

Based on the assessment of your needs, issues and constraints, we work with you in an interactive fashion to establish the strategy that suits your organization.
Always available to you, we carefully listen in order to make suggestions that respond to your very needs.  


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